It's Friday. Imagine this. Your boss calls you into their office this afternoon and tells you to pack up your desk because they have to let you go. They thank you for all your hard work and dedication but unfortunately, the situation is non-negotiable.

Now... after the initial shock, if the thought of losing your job has you feeling relieved or excited, it might be time for you to start thinking about what's happening for you at work.

My advice is, if you're out of sync with your current job, do not wait to do something about it. People waste years suffering in their jocks unhappy at work. I've worked with quite a few. In time, their productivity at work usually falls anyway, sometimes dramatically, as if asking to be fired, but they won't quit themselves!

Do not wait to be fired in order to think about what career changes you need to make. Take responsibility for your work and life needs!

If this is a lingering thought for you this weekend, be proactive, not reactive to your current reality. If you want help with this, share with me where your heads at.

As a career coach, I'm happy to run a free 45-minute career strategy session that will help you get clear on your next 1-3 progress steps. email me on how to book in for this!