What will I get out of one on one coaching?

By teaming up with a coach like myself, you’ll be supported by a trained practitioner who can help you create limitless goals and help design the life you really want. You’ll also discover new ways of clearing any obstacles in your way. You'll learn to break through any negative thinking or self-sabotage you may be in the middle of. Your coach will also hold you accountable for your actions; one of the most effective ways to automate your success.

Coaching is an empowering, positive and deeply transformative experience. You’ll gain more self-awareness and confidence, cultivate a leadership mindset and learn tools that you’ll have for life. The best part is when you establish a clear direction for your life that is connected to your values, you can live fearlessly and without regrets.

Coaching isn't for everyone, but it is for you if:

  • You are motivated by having a positive impact on this world 

  • You want to grow, be challenged and kept accountable to your plans

  • You're coachable - you're willing to take on new strategies and give them a chance

I'm not sure if it's personal, career or business coaching I need?

Don't worry, you don’t need to know. Upon starting your first coaching session, you’ll undergo a series of structured steps that will quickly help you gain clarity on which parts of your life to focus on first. Ultimately as we’re working with growing your mindset, any actions towards your personal goals, like health, wealth or relationships, will have a net result on your career or business (and vice versa). Improving one area of your life will have a roll-on effect for all areas.

What happens in a coaching session?

Each session is unique and specialised as focus on what will deliver the best result for you. All sessions are results-driven and designed to help you take action.

I’m a fairly happy person, isn’t coaching for people who are in trouble?

Not at all. If you're feeling happy, it's one of the best times to speed up your growth. Because we’re wired to resist change and stay within our comfort zone, working solo usually translates to working more slowly. If you’re the type of person who wants to grow and experience new heights of your own potential, a coach will help get you there faster.  In the same way athletes thrive with a coach by their side, you’re better placed to break more personal bests and get more out of life whilst in a coaching environment.

Why does personal coaching work?

Unlike some forms of self-help or talk therapies, coaching sessions follow a structured system that is solution focused, so you’ll spend more time clearing obstacles and planning out your next step rather than talking at length about the problems of the past. All actions and goals are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timed) so you’ll never waste time wondering what you’ve achieved.

You're a Master Practitioner in NLP? What is NLP?

NLP is an acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming which offers change management tools which can transform the way people think and act to create more positive and resourceful behaviours. Through NLP, you can utilise a specific set of techniques designed to influence your mindset / brain behaviour (neuro) through the use of language (linguistic) to enable you to change the way you react to stimuli or life’s events (that's the programming part). 

By directing and developing your mindset in this way, NLP can have the greatest impact both personally and professionally; by learning how to use the language of the mind you can consistently achieve your specific and desired results. This is why NLP is one of the most powerful tools used in business, relationships, psychology, sales, sports coaching and all forms of personal development. The best way to learn more about NLP to actually experience it! 

Can you help me grow my business?

Most definitely. Marketing, sales and communications are areas I've specialised in for over 8 years. That paired with my understanding of human behaviour means we can work on process-driven insight-led marketing for your business and design business systems for you and your team that work. In addition to that, in business as in life, your mindset is your most valuable and most reliable asset. By mastering the way you think, you'll naturally begin mastering all areas of your business as well. 

Where do I have to travel to for my session?

There is no travel involved. Sessions are held over Skype or via telephone and a webcam is not required as most sessions will only require voice. Face to face sessions can be arranged at no additional cost depending on your preferences.

Is Skype or telephone really as effective as face-to-face coaching?

It may seem counterintuitive, but for most people, coaching over Skype or the telephone offers more benefits in comparison to face-to-face. There are many reasons why it may be beneficial for you. For example, many people feel they can be more open during voice calls and can discuss their personal issues more freely. Focusing on listening also means we can discover the root cause of problems and design a way forward more quickly. All processes work effectively over voice calls so there is no real need to meet face-to-face. And the best thing? You don’t use up precious time driving in traffic, parking or taking public transport travelling to and from our sessions.

Can I claim tax-deductibility for my coaching sessions? 

If your coaching sessions are related to your career or business, you can potentially claim tax-deductibility for professional development and training. Consult your accountant or tax advisor to make sure you meet the requirements.

Can I get more information?

Absolutely. For any further questions or to discuss your needs further, please get in touch by emailing me directly with your name and preferred contact phone number. I'd love to hear from you.