Career & business coaching clients

Choosing to work with Alice is one of the single best investments of time and money I have ever made. I had spent many months trying to find someone who could help me get a greater understanding of my personal values and worth professionally and keep me accountable for some of the things I always wanted to do. In under a few months I went from saying "I don't know if I have valuable skills anyone would want" to saying "not only do I have valuable skills, but they're in high demand and worth something!". Alice was instrumental in helping me see through the self doubt and articulate what these skills are, and how best to package them up for the world. Of more importance, I now clearly know what excites me professionally and how to find alignment in my current and future work. Alice helped me through the process of interviewing for new roles and I have since landed a new and exciting job that meets my work-based values, uses my talents and will continue to push me professionally.

- T, now in a new role leading a communications team for a startup, Brunswick, Melbourne

Before contacting Alice I was running in circles and procrastinating about giving a go to some of my ideas on building a photography business. Alice helped me to clarify my goals, to identify my roadblocks and we worked together with specific issues regarding time management, expectations, fear of failure, networking and self promotion. Now I have a clear roadmap to where I would like to be, a tailor made system to make progress towards my goals and an upgraded belief system in check that is helping me rather than pulling me back. The fact she has a bag full of coaching tricks plus her enthusiastic and empathic personality made this coaching journey a very enjoyable one. I’m sure she has lots of value to offer to you too.

Alfredo Prado, Freelance Photographer, Melbourne

You're coming up to an interview for your dream job. A job that you feel quite under-qualified and under-experienced for. I was nervous. The selection criteria seemed to loom over me and my little resume. I knew I needed to change my attitude and instil in myself confidence that this was achievable and I was indeed not only skilled for this role, but that it was totally within my grasp. I met with Alice in June 2013 to help with these nerves and change my perception from feeling not good enough, to a can-do, the-skys-the-limit approach. Alice was fantastic and sat with me and went through the job description, breaking down phrases and jargon into key criteria and matching personal attributes I knew I had with professional experiences that I felt comfortable talking about.

Rather than assuming my specific skill set was too narrow or irrelevant, it put my mind at ease instantly now understanding how the skills and experiences I'd gained in the past met the competencies required for this new role. Alice gave me a series of simple activities that allowed me to focus on my key strengths, understand what makes my skills and experiences unique and most effectively to change my attitude from under-qualified to the perfect person for the role. I went into the interview with a series of tools to showcase my strengths and a mentality that this job was SO right for me – I was confident, qualified and prepared. These techniques and exercises from Alice helped immensely and I would recommend Alice to any professional wanting a change in career or to step up into a new role. If you’re feeling that a job is beyond your reach, talk to Alice – she’ll not only help decode rigorous selection criteria but most importantly help change your attitude - so when you walk into your interview you don’t just think you're experienced and confident, you'll know and fully feel experienced and confident.  
- N, Project Manager in Creative Services, Brunswick, Victoria

I went to Alice after leaving a role due to an aggressive boss. The circumstances of my departure saw me paid out for a few months and left my confidence shaken and in shock. It was a situation and occurrence I had never been through before. A friend recommended Alice. I was looking to rebuild my focus, get some understanding of what had happened on a bigger picture scale and some coping mechanisms, and reaffirm that I was working in an area I loved and delivered in.

Alice gave me some excellent insights straight away which really helped me learn about behaviours and patterns. Insights from our first few sessions allowed me to see the bigger picture and move past the experience, focusing on myself, my skills and what I wanted to achieve next, was it to go it alone and launch a business or return to the 9-5.

To be able to discuss the issues I'd been through with Alice and some behaviours I had recognised in myself that I wanted to change, was really beneficial. In our sessions, she talked me through activities that refocused me away from the past situation and onto the future and put me back on track with a newly revived energy to succeed and believe in my own success again. With Alice's help I learnt to value what I needed from a role, a company and from my next career step. I came out of things with a much more determined belief that I was worthy of my seniority at any company. Thanks Alice!

- Holly, Corporate Communications, Melbourne

Before I worked with Alice I was putting in a lot of effort at work but was unhappy and seemed to be a victim of circumstances. During working with Alice I loved learning about the brain and my tendencies and I looked forward to every session. After working with Alice I moved into a team with a great culture and was promoted to a team lead. I feel more competent and in control of my career now. 

- M, FInancial Services, Melbourne

I got in touch with Alice because I was actually just really curious about what coaching was. I didn’t really know what coaching was and what it actually involved. I happened to stumble upon Alice’s website through an article she wrote about “purpose”. It caught my attention because I was at a point in my life where I believed I had found my purpose, but I needed help monetizing it. That was why I decided to get coaching with Alice. Her work background was the right fit for me, and we soon as we finished our first conversation on the phone, I felt like it really clicked.

Gaining the courage to explore my ideas and take action into making them become a reality. She focused on my strengths and exploited that into a profitable business model for me. She took something I was good at, threw some ideas at me, and guided me through the process of making this idea happen. She held me accountable for my actions. And even if I wasn’t sure if I was capable of doing something, she was always there to remind me of all the reasons why I can be confident and pushed me to keep going despite my doubts and uncertainty.

The result was I ended up building a climbing business where I built a website from scratch, gathered clients and took them out climbing all in less than 3 months. One thing I liked was Alice always made sure our meetings had an intention behind them. It allowed us to stay focused on that intention and ensure that our goals were met by the end of the session. We had “Action Steps” at the end of every meeting, which I now use for all of my projects and goals. I found the experience productive, enjoyable, and enlightening. I never thought I could accomplish the things I had accomplished in such a little time. In fact, it was all on me. I knew I could do it all this time, but Alice really made sure that the lack of confidence, the fear, and the doubts did not stop me from achieving the goals I’ve wanted to achieve for myself, and I thank her for that.

I would recommend Alice to people who need to find clarity, who need business ideas, who need guidance in their career, and to anyone who feels like they have been called to a greater purpose, but just don’t know where to start. Alice has played a big impact in my life and I could not be any more grateful to have worked with her.

Emma Conatoe, Founder and Instructor, Montreal,

Before I started coaching I constantly felt anxious about my work and doubted everything I did. It was even hard to relax outside of work because I was always worried about what was happening at work. I had dreams of doing something more fulfilling but it was hard to be motivated, or even know where to start.

Alice challenged my perspectives and taught me skills to reframe my fears and anxieties. We also worked through my personal skills and strengths so the methods I learnt felt like things I could consistently do. This allowed me to become more productive with my time at work and at home, enabling me to finally take action towards achieving my dream of more fulfilling work. The most valuable thing I’ve learnt from coaching is that we played a part in causing every situation we find ourselves in. I realised many of the difficulties I had in achieving my dreams were caused from procrastination, and I was the only person responsible for that.

- Anna, Marketing and Illustration, Canberra

Every now and then you come across one of those dramatic life changing crossroads, and this was definitely one of them (work, relationship, change of city - you name it). I was extremely impressed and grateful for the calm and holistic way that Alice approached my situation, using her skills as a NLP practitioner to help me find the clarity, strength and hope to face that next big chapter. I have no hesitation recommending her and count myself lucky to have been supported by her.

- Natalie Kim, Business Analyst, Deloitte Perth

I saw Alice for NLP to deal with issues of anxiety and panic and help improve my quality of life. Through Alice's open and non- judgmental nature I was encouraged to speak freely about my experiences, building a trust and allowing me to be in a head space where I could address some core issues. Alice is very intuitive and helped me to articulate goals and reframe potentially negative thought patterns. She provided me with clear and achievable ongoing strategies, that very quickly assisted in changing the way that I approach things. I would highly recommend Alice as an NLP practitioner, she is a genuine and interested person who has a true passion for what she does.

- (Name withheld), School Teacher, Melbourne

Before I worked with Alice, I was at a crossroad unsure of which direction to move. After breaking down the various areas of my life in our sessions, I was able to see what it was that I needed to focus on at that point in time, as well as being able to see the bigger picture dreams and how these all linked in with one another. My sessions with Alice were clear, concise and actionable. With her help, I now have a better vision for my career and business, and have better strategies to get closer to my goals. So, thank you Alice. I highly recommend anyone considering coaching to book in for a session - you won't look back.

- Belinda Urbans, Researcher, Melbourne

I booked in a chat with Alice to get a better understanding of how to put my goals into perspective and find a way to better understand how I could go about defining and then achieving them. I was excited to see how the chat would be carried out and what questions and ideas would be put forth by a professional. The session was particularly good in helping me understand how networking and working on my relationship building skills will greatly benefit my future plans and moving forward into a better place in my career. I had received many useful ideas on finding people whom could help benefit and improve myself, gaining and giving value through connecting to people correctly and how to identify the challenges and inspirations for the road ahead. Alice is very easy to talk to and helped make me feel confident in discussing my goals and ideas. She was very professional but not daunting at all which made for an enjoyable, motivating and productive session. I would definitely recommend booking in for a strategy session to gain perspective and gaining an understanding of where I was at and what to do next.

- Jared, Scientist, Victoria

I’m doing my 3rd year of post-graduate study in Medicine. Before starting with Alice I spent a lot of my time procrastinating. My idea of setting a goal was writing it onto a piece of paper, I had little idea of how to plan and actually achieve the goal. There was also no accountability, if I didn't achieve what I wanted to on time, it was easy to just delay it, or forget about it. The biggest change since working with Alice been being able to sit down, and start something, minus the procrastination. My mindset has changed so that I have 'ON' time, and 'OFF' time. Tasks seem much more manageable and importantly, achievable. Learning how to structure and plan has made an enormous difference in my work/life balance. It's almost as if there are more hours in the day. I am getting closer to my goal by working away at it slowly, rather than being at the bottom of a mountain and trying to jump up to the top. I would recommend Alice as a coach to anyone who is struggling with motivation or procrastination, whether they are a student, an employee, unemployed, an athlete or even a CEO. The benefits of coaching with Alice really are limitless.

- Natalie Smith, Medical Student, Monash University


We engaged Alice to run a couple of informal lunchtime sessions on 'Beating Procrastination', 'Communication' and 'Goal Setting' as we wanted a fun and engaging way of providing content to our team to inspire and educate them on a range of topics. My goal was for the team to walk away from the sessions with a new sense of focus and one or two skills they could add in their toolbox that they could apply to both their professional and personal lives. 

Alice was great to work with, she is very thorough, detailed and professional. The team provided great feedback after her sessions and walked away with practical tools, tips and advice they could immediately put into action. I would recommend Alice to any organisation who want to bring out the best in their people.

- Kacey D'Odorico, Talent and Culture Director, AKQA

We hired Alice to run our team through her workshop KNOW YOUR WHY. We wanted Alice to help us all understand each other, to know what drives each of us in-order to collaborate more effectively as a team. Also we wanted to define WHY our company and team do what we do... why it all exists. 

The workshop definitely achieved our goals because it left our team in great discussion, long after, about why we each behave the way we do and how best to work with one-another on a case-by-case basis. We now just click better than ever as a team. In addition to these vital skills we all gained we also know the exact reason Alaress exists and aims to change the world, regardless of changing landscapes in the industry, technology, processes etc. We have a WHY which is our purpose for working, for achieving and is our thinking. We workshopped our WHY as a team and are all excited in knowing we all want the same things from our Alaress and our careers. We are fully aligned as a team more than ever before which brings a great feeling of awareness and comfort.

- Matt Sambell, Creative Director, Alaress