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  • Australia

How many times have you put out a thought or a plan, but then the opposite happens?

You say: “I’d like to go to the gym!”
What happens instead: Sit on the couch and eat Doritos
You say: “For this next project, I’ll be ready to rumble ahead of the deadline”
What happens instead: Spend way too much time on Facebook, and stay back late the night before deadline, racing against the clock.

Why is the pleasure seeker or procrastinator so good at stuffing up your plans? Find out the top reasons why and how to overcome it by coming along to this session and designing goals you can stick to.

In this session you’ll learn:
- How to declutter your headspace and select goals to focus on
- A structure for writing your goals and understand what language to avoid
- Grow an appreciation for systems and start having more fun getting goals you can actually stick to

A $5 donation at the door will help with running costs of this event.

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