My brain threatens to blow a fuse when I think too long about the how the world came to be.

Let’s briefly review. Between 3 to 4 billion years ago two stars collided. From this smash up, the earth was born. A while later the plants, the animals and the life forms that came next had the natural intelligence to grow out of this star stuff. Nobody is exactly sure how they worked out how to intelligently evolve, they just worked it out (and I can’t even be bothered working out how to do Sudoku.)

**Cue thousand yard stare…**

Because of these stars randomly colliding, you and I get to have a life to play with. You and I got to have breakfast today and eat eggs that came from chickens, which are also made of stars. Maybe you woke up next to someone you deeply love, who is also made of stars.

Look in the mirror. Look at your hands. You might not be able to see it, but maybe just try to feel it? Feel into the awe and wonder that comes from remembering and knowing - we are all made of stars.

Question is, when you tune right in, can you hear what are your bits of star are saying they want you to do? Think about that while you listen to this Moby classic.