Right now it's September and I'm two months into a six month adventure in Latin America with Ben, my partner in life. Having gotten married in March earlier this year, we decided this would be our honeymoon (or "supermoon" as Ben's colleague Stacy aptly called it), and we would be unapologetic about wanting to take time out for ourselves at this point in our lives. And so far, it's been one of the best decisions we've ever made.

In our time away so far, highlights have included a crash course in Spanish while surfing and chilling in Montanita Ecuador, living on a boat and making animal friends in the Galapagos, rafting and paragliding in Banos and volunteering with monkeys and other wild things in the Amazon.

With all these experiences now in the tank, right now in Cartagena, Colombia, enjoying the Caribbean heat I've decided to get this blogging experiment on its way - an intention I set before we left home. As someone who coaches others in building fulfilling careers and developing their leadership, a blog is a mechanism for me to research and think more deeply about the things I care about in the world and share these topics with my community. 

This is my starting point. I hope you'll join me on this safari as I clarify ideas and curiosities, tell stories about life encounters and foray into key topics such as life by design, doing inspiring work you love and investing in your mindset. Writing and sharing through this blog is also about connecting with others who care about these topics. As you read on, keep in mind you can catch me at hello@intentmind.com.au if you have any feedback, questions or challenging ideas to throw me. Your thoughts will help me on this journey to create something great in the world and add value to the people around me. Until then, onwards.

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